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Small-ship sailing tours exploring the ancient cultures and stunning wildlife of Canada's Gwaii Haanas National Park, Great Bear Rainforest, and Vancouver Island aboard our classic wooden schooner, the "Passing Cloud".
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Our Great Bear Rainforest expeditions take you into the heart of the largest coastal temperate rainforest on earth!
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Our Great Bear Rainforest tours feature viewing grizzly bears and black bears, including the rare white Spirit Bear – a genetic variation of the black bear found nowhere else on the Planet. Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest encompasses more than 64,000 square kilometers and represents the largest remaining track of intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world.
Formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, the Haida Gwaii Archipelago is perched on the edge of the continental shelf. Our Gwaii Haanas National Park sailing tours showcase the stunning wildlife, pristine ecosystems, and the deep cultural heritage of the Haida Nation. We'll visit ancient villages, view standing poles, meet Haida Watchmen, float through Burnaby Narrows, and visit SGang Gwaay World Heritage Site.
Observing, photographing, and simply being amazed by the spectacular populations of whales, dolphins, porpoises, and sea birds that congregate in this region each year is the central focus of this expedition.
An archipelago of more than three hundred islands and islets situated at the centre of Barkley Sound, the Broken Group Islands are the jewel of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.
Looking for a unique opportunity to explore the BC Coast and hone your photography skills? Join one of our 2016 exciting photography tours in the Great Bear Rainforest or Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands).
The Gulf Island’s lush Douglas fir and arbutus forests, and pockets of the endangered Gary oak ecosystem, are home to more plant species than any other terrestrial ecosystem in coastal British Columbia.
Our 9-day sailing tour through the Great Bear Sea explores the coastal ecosystems which make the Great Bear Rainforest famous. Journey with us as we explore a world of coastal rainforests, glacier-scoured fiords, snow-capped mountains, humpbacks whales, killer whales, spirit bears, grizzly bears, and more.
Join us as we sail back into time to when Captain James Cook stepped ashore on Nookta Island, and discover the unimaginable series of social and ecological events that followed.